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How to Give a New Home More Character

Most new homes built today are built by production builders who try to make homes as inexpensive/affordable as possible.

The outcome of this is that everyone's home in the neighborhood looks nearly the same - they are all beige, white, and creme on the inside and nearly identical on the outside.

Here are some tips and tricks for giving your home character and charm.


nhcphoto courtesy of timmietty sxc.hu/photo/762272Doorbell
Upgrade your doorbell since your doorbell is the first thing people touch when visiting your home.

A unique doorbell will help welcome your guests.


Paint all of your walls and maybe even your ceilings.

If you cannot decide on a color, select the same color you currently have, just a little darker.

Don't forget about painting your ceiling, especially if you have crown molding.


Light Fixtures
Upgrade your light fixtures since they are probably the cheapest and most boring light fixtures available.

Builders sell homes by making them affordable.

They put in the cheapest fixtures possible in order to bring the cost down.

Most major home improvement stores have a good selection of light fixtures to choose from.

Don't forget your bathroom wall lighting. Exterior lights help personalize your home from the outside. Table lamps help spread the light in your room around and make a room more interesting. 

Consider finding a vintage one-of-a kind light fixture that can become the focal point of your room.


Knobs and Pulls
Whether you have cabinets in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or any other room in your home, add knobs and pulls to all of your cabinets.

Knobs are not only jewelry for your room, but they also help protect the cabinets from the constant abrasion from your hand opening it.

Try to get knobs and pulls that match the other metal finishes in your home.


Framed Mirrors
Replace your bathroom plate mirrors with wood framed mirrors.

Select one mirror per sink and get the largest mirror that will fit centered on the faucet.

Many home improvement stores sell wood framed mirrors as well as home decor stores.


Add to your minimal landscaping that looks exactly like all of your neighbors' landscaping.

Your home probably came with a minimal amount of plants and trees. 

Increase the size of your flower beds, add some shrubs & trees, and plant some flowers to add welcoming color.

You do not have to do a complete overhaul at once - simply add several shrubs or a tree per year and eventually you will have a lush landscape. 

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