Pink Christmas trees aren't just for little girls.

If you have (or want) a pink Christmas tree, consider these ideas for how to decorate it.

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Different Pinks
Decorate your pink Christmas tree with a collection of all different shades of pink. 

You can use powder pink, light pink, cotton candy pink, rose, raspberry pink, fuchsia, hot pink, or shocking pink. 

Use ornaments with different textures to add interest to your monochromatic tree.


Another way to decorate a pink Christmas tree is with all white ornaments (you can also add a bit of silver and mirror). 

You can add white feather boas, white snowflake ornaments, pearly white globes, and white flowers.


Rainbow of Colors
You can decorate your pink Christmas tree using a rainbow of colors. 

Select 3 to 5 colors to use as ornaments on your tree. 

Decide whether you are going to use primary colors, pastel colors, or bright colors, but don't mix them together if you want to get a designer look. 

Use multiple ornaments of each color to create a fun and whimsical tree.

Vintage Items
Pink Christmas trees feel more precious than traditional evergreen trees. 

Consider decorating them with vintage or vintage inspired items. 

You can use vintage postcards, vintage toys, and/or vintage glass ornaments. 

Ornaments with a pearl finish look good with vintage ornaments.


Zebra print mixed with pink is very popular. 

You can decorate your pink Christmas tree with zebra print ornaments and fill in with other ornaments that are black and white.

The colors green and pink go well together since they are complementary colors. 

You can decorate your pink Christmas tree with lime green, sage green, mint green, and/or pale green ornaments.


Other Ideas
Here are a few other themes that you may want to consider: Barbie, butterfly, birds, toys, ballet, pink & purple, baby girl, black silhouettes, candy, crystals, fairies, angels, fancy dresses....the idea are really endless.


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