Here are some ideas for creating a unique and unusual Christmas tree this year.


Rethink the Tree
Instead of using a traditional evergreen Christmas tree, consider using something different.

Different Colored ChristmasTree - You can use a traditional Christmas tree in a unique color, such as pink, red, or turquoise.

colorful Christmas treesphoto courtest of Jim Maes

 Non-Living Items - You can even create your unique or unusual Christmas tree out of non-living items that reflect your interests such as fabric, wine bottles, books, Legos, feathers, computer parts, stuffed animals, pine cones, or whatever you have laying around.

Christmas tree made out of books - perfect for a libraryphoto courtesy of Howard Dickins

 Simple Frame - Consider using a simple frame made of wood or metal in the shape of a Christmas tree or spiral that will show off your ornaments instead of the Christmas tree.  To make it even more unique and unusual, you can suspend it from the ceiling.

temp18photo courtesy of Sengkang

 Stair Step - Create a stair stepped figure in the shape of a Christmas tree and decorate it with Christmas items.

stair step Christmas treephoto courtesy of SuedeHead

 Decal - If space is a consideration, you can apply a Christmas tree flat against the wall using a wall decal.

Different Christmas Tree - Consider using a different tree that is not a traditional evergreen Christmas tree.

 Wall Collage - For a unique and unusual Christmas tree, you can create a collage of flat items such as photos or other Christmas memories on your wall that are arranged in a traditional Christmas tree shape.


Non-Traditional Shaped Christmas Tree
For a unique Christmas tree, you can use a traditional evergreen Christmas tree but use a unique shape.

Upside Down - Consider hanging your Christmas tree upside down from the ceiling for a unique shape that will also save floor space.

upside down Christmas treephoto courtesy of Michael Grech

Arch, Sphere, Cross - You can also get evergreen branches from a tree to create an overhead arch, a sphere, or a cross.

temp14photo courtesy of Kevin Lee Dymond

Unique Ornaments
If you want to use a traditional evergreen Christmas tree in a traditional shape, you can use unusual or unique Christmas ornaments to make it special.

 Homemade - You can use only homemade Christmas ornaments.

temp13photo courtesy of Iwasaki, Hikaru

Oversized - Consider using extremely over sized Christmas ornaments.

temp2photo courtesy of liquid008

Unique Color - You can also use Christmas ornaments of a unique trendy color, such as peacock blue, purple, pink or bright orange instead of the traditional red.

temp20photo courtesy of Corpse Reviver

Minimal Decorations - Use minimal decorations in a strong graphic pattern for a unique and unusual Christmas tree.

temp21photo courtesy of Henry Clark

Presents as Ornaments - Consider hanging all of your presents from the Christmas tree instead of using ornaments at all.

temp15photo courtesy of Ehninger


Other Ideas

There are many other weird, unusual, unique, and creative ways to decorate a Christmas tree. Here are a few other things to consider:

Revolving Stand - Consider using a revolving Christmas tree stand for a unique Christmas tree.

Multiple Trees - Instead of the traditional one Christmas tree, consider using a collection of several Christmas tree in the same room for a unique feature.

temp17photo courtesy of Cihcvlss

Existing Tree - Instead of chopping down a tree, use a tree that is already growing in your yard and decorate it where it is.  It can be an evergreen tree that looks like a Christmas tree or any tree, no matter the type.

Tree in front yard decorated for Christmasphoto courtesy of Pedro Fernandes


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