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How to Decorate Above Kitchen Cabinets

Many people are at a loss for how to decorate above their kitchen cabinets. There are a lot of options for decorative items you can put up there. Items are often placed on top of kitchen cabinets to hide the unfinished top that is visible from upstairs.  Here is a list of the good, the bad, and the ugly options for decorating above your kitchen cabinets.

dakcFake Plants
Do NOT put fake plants above your kitchen cabinets. They collect dust and look even more fake after a while. They often hang down near the cabinet door and get closed inside the door. When you close your cabinet door, you disturb the dust on the fake plants and dust from overhanging plants falls on your countertops and maybe into your food - YUCK! Everyone knows that they aren't real, so just don't use them.

Large Accessories
A better solution would be to store large scaled kitchen items above your kitchen cabinets that do not overhang the cabinet doors. You can put large pots, big platters, baskets, or even empty wine bottles up there. Make sure to dust the items above your cabinets at least once a month. You may need to stack empty boxes or magazines on top of your cabinets to elevate your items so they are more visible.  Make sure your cabinets can hold the additional weight before adding anything to the top.

If you have a large wall space above your kitchen cabinets, consider hanging art on the wall.  Since the upper cabinets protrude from the wall, you will probably have to hang the artwork very high on the wall so it is visible.

The best solution for decorating above kitchen cabinets is to not put anything up there except above cabinet lighting. You can tie your under cabinet lighting in with your above cabinet lighting to create a beautiful and functional effect.

However you decide to decorate above your kitchen cabinets, make sure it looks good from all parts of your room and even from upstairs if you have a multi-story home.


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