Is your doorbell button showing its age or do you want to replace your existing plain doorbell button with a decorative one?  

The good news is that replacing a doorbell button is a fairly simple process that usually only requires a screwdriver. 

Tips and Tricks for How to Replace a Doorbell ButtonThe Correct Doorbell
Measure the screw hole location of your existing doorbell. 

Purchase a new replacement doorbell that has screw holes in the same location. 

This is probably the most time consuming part since there are so many doorbell options available. 

You can search at your local home improvement store or online for a wider selection. 

When selecting a new doorbell, consider the style of the exterior of your home as well as the finishes. 

If you have a metal exterior light or metal door handle near your doorbell, get a doorbell in the same metal color and style.


Turn Off the Electricity
You must first turn off the power to your doorbell. 

Try flipping the breakers in your breaker box until the doorbell no longer works. 

If you have a lighted doorbell, the light will turn off. 

If you do not feel comfortable working with electrical items, ask for help or hire a professional.


Remove Old Doorbell
Unscrew the doorbell from the wall.  Notice how the wires connect to your existing doorbell. 

Disconnect the wires from the old doorbell and make sure the wires do not get lost inside the wall. 

You may want to tape them together with a large piece of tape to keep from losing them.


Attach New Doorbell
Attach the wires to the new doorbell the same way they were attached to the old doorbell. 

Start by creating a C in the end of the wire, having it curve in the direction that the screw turns. 

Hook the wire around the screw and tighten the screw to secure the doorbell wire. 

Screw the doorbell back into the wall. 

Turn the power back on to the doorbell and make sure it works. 

If it does not work, turn the power back off, remove the doorbell from the wall, and make sure the wires have a good connection to the doorbell. 

Reattach the doorbell to the wall, turn the power back on, and your new doorbell should now work.




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