Most people hang their Christmas stockings on their mantel, however there are so many more decor options for your fireplace mantel this Christmas.

Fireplace Mantel Christmas Decorating Ideasphoto courtesy of Governor Dayton, Greenery, and Natural Elements
Consider arranging florals, greenery, and/or natural elements piece by piece on your mantel or you can purchase a floral swag that is already assembled.

Metallic colors can be added using spray paint or glitter. 

You can also add battery operated lights (or plug in lights if an outlet is readily available).


For a traditional symmetrical candle display, consider creating a candle display using one extra large candle or candle holder in the middle of your mantel with a slightly smaller sized candle or candle holder on either side.

Over sized hurricane candle holders are a good investment because you can use these year round on your mantel with different colored candles to compliment your decor or the season.


Christmas Collectibles
A mantel is usually high enough that young children cannot reach it, so it is great for displaying fragile Christmas collectibles. 

Group your collectibles together to create a more dramatic display instead of placing them here and there throughout the room.


Nativity Scene
If you display a nativity scene during the Christmas season, consider placing it on your mantel if your mantel is large enough.  

The mantel tends to become the focal point of the room, so that location will continually remind you what the season of Christmas is really all about.



Christmas Cards
Christmas cards should be put on display when you receive them, so why not display them on your mantel? 

You can display Christmas cards that you have received just this year, vintage Christmas cards, or Christmas cards you have collected over the past few years. 

Consider using a card stand or creating risers so the cards in the back can be seen.

You can create a riser by using stacks of magazines or books with a fabric draped over them.


If you normally display artwork or a mirror above your mantel, consider replacing it with a wreath that is decorated for Christmas.

You can use a fresh cut wreath, an artificial wreath, or a natural dried wreath. 

Consider adding battery powered lights to your wreath for extra flair.


For a one-of-a-kind Christmas mantel, you can combine two or more of the options above.

Consider creating a candle display with a floral swag, mixing nutcrackers and a wreath, or creating a mantle display using lots of votive candles and a nativity scene.


Below the Mantle
If you do not plan on burning a fire in the fireplace, don't forget to decorate inside the fireplace. 

You can use decorative logs, candles, or a combination of different decorative elements.


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