Would you like to display decorative items on a shelf or in a cabinet?

If so, consider the following to get the best arrangement.

 Tips, Tricks, and Decorating Ideas for How to Display Items on a Shelfphoto courtesy of www.proflowers.com flickr.com/photos/proflowers/16229156273/

Completely Start Over
If you already have items on your display shelf, remove all of them before starting to arrange.

It is best to start with an empty space.

This would be a great time to make sure the shelf is really clean and all your accessories are dusted.


What's in the Back?
Be aware of the back wall of your shelf.

If it is a light color, you will want to display darker items.

If it is darker, you will want to display lighter items.

If the back of your shelf is a certain color and everything you want to display is a similar color, consider painting the back of the shelf so your display items will be more visible. 

Also consider using wallpaper or mirror.


Display Your Best
Add items to your display that are your most treasured or the ones you like the most.

Fill in with items of lesser importance.

You do not have to display everything that you receive as a gift all the time.


Photo by Sabal Homes - Discover living room design ideas

The Right Height
Make sure to fill the height of the display space.

If your decorative items are not tall enough, consider setting them on a stack of hardback books or a decorative box.


A Bit of Empty Space
Make sure to leave some empty space on your display shelf.

You will need to leave a bit of empty space else your shelf will look like an accessory store.


Don't Overcrowd
Don't overcrowd your display.

The more you have in your display the less important each piece seems.


Less is More
When displaying items on a shelf, a few larger items usually looks better than several smaller items.


Try to bring the colors of your room into your display.

Pick 3 colors in the room and repeat the same 3 colors throughout your display.


Traditional spaces typically have decorative items arranged symmetrically.

This does not require exactly the same items spread evenly, but rather the items should have the same visual "weight" (appear to be similar weight, but are actually a different shape or size).

Asymmetrical displays look nice in contemporary spaces.


Photo by Urban Chandy - Discover family room design inspiration

If you have a collection, put all similar items together as a group instead of spread throughout your home.


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