Light blue is a very popular paint color right now.  It is especially popular paired with brown.

Many people would like to paint a room a light blue color but are afraid of it looking like a little boy's nursery.

Whether you are painting a bedroom, dining room, living room, office, kitchen, or other room, here are some tips to find the best light blue paint color for an adult room.

The best light blue paint colorphoto courtesy of Bill Wilson, Not Blue
Go to a store that has paint color samples.

If you have fabric that you are wanting to coordinate with, bring that with you.

Do not look at the blue paint colors.  Instead, look at the grey paint colors.

Don't be scared, your room will not end up looking like a boring grey prison cell.

An adult light blue color is more of a silver than a blue, that is why you should look at the grey paint.

Select a grey that has a tiny bit of blue in it.

Keep in mind that the store will probably have different lighting than your home, so the colors will look slightly different once you get home.

Get as many grey paint color samples as you can to bring home.


Decide In Your Home
Once you get home, attach all of the paint color samples to your wall.

Stand back about 5' and see which ones you do not like.

Remove the ones you do not like until you are left with one or just a few samples.

Make sure to look at the colors during different times of day because the color of light changes which will affect the paint color.


Test It Out
If you like several samples but do not know which one to select, get small paint testers from the store to paint on your wall.

Ask friends and neighbors for their opinion before making your final decision on what color to paint your walls.


Color Options
Some paint colors you may want to consider are Sherwin Williams SW 6246 North Star, SW 6247 Krypton, SW 7071 Gray Screen, and SW 7072 Online.




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