If you have a small bathroom, you might be at a loss for how to decorate it.

Small bathrooms can be tricky to decorate because they can feel cluttered and cramped.

Here are a few interior designer tips, tricks, and ideas for decorating a small bathroom.

Designer Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for How to Decorate a Small Bathroomphoto courtest of Heritage Hotels and Resorts flickr.com/photos/hhandr/13837308534/Storage
Storage is at a premium in a small bathroom. 

A built in storage cabinet might make the room feel smaller since it takes up so much floor space.

A designer tip is to use a small cabinet with legs for storage that does not take up too much space.

The legs allow people to visually see the floor below, making the room feel bigger.

If your storage cabinet has open shelves, make sure the items are beautiful since they will be on display.

Think Vertically
Since the square footage of your bathroom is so small, you should take advantage of the vertical space when decorating your bathroom.

A designer trick is to use tall vertical mirrors to emphasize the height of the room.

Also use vertical light fixtures that don't take up too much space.

Make sure to use plenty of lighting when decorating your small bathroom.

A dark room feels smaller than it actually is.

You can add a dimmer switch so the lighting is adjustable.

Mirrors and Glass
Decorate your small bathroom with mirrors and glass wherever possible.

Mirrors reflect light to add brightness to a small bathroom.

They also give the appearance of the room continuing farther than its actual boundaries.

Glass allows people to see into other rooms instead of creating a claustrophobic boundary.

Luxurious Finishes
Decorate your small bathroom with high end finishes since they are used minimally.

The luxurious finishes will be dramatic but won't break the bank since the room is so small.

Use minimal colors when decorating a small bathroom.

You do not want the colors to jump out at people, but recede into the background.

The typical color scheme for a tiny bathroom is white as the dominant color, accented with gray or beige and a drop of black for contrast.

Some wood tones would be nice to make the bathroom feel less sterile.


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