Many bathrooms are filled with neutral white tile, white cabinets, gray walls, white sinks, white tubs, beige colored countertops, and other neutral colors. 

In order to not be boring and not have your home look like all of your neighbors' homes, you should add some color to your bathroom.

Here are a few ideas for adding a pop of color to a neutral bathroom.

Tips and Tricks for How to Add a Pop of Color to Your Bathroom - ideas, diy, budget, easy, fun, not boringphoto courtesy of Brent Eckley
The easiest way to add a pop of color to your bathroom is to add colorful accessories. 

You can add colorful artwork, a fun rug, bold colored hand towels, cheerful flowers, or any other colorful item.

Cabinet Knobs and Pulls
You can add colorful knobs and pulls to your bathroom cabinets to protect your cabinets from abrasion and to add some fun. 

Consider using colored ceramic knobs, colored glass knobs, painted wood knobs, or whatever coordinates with your design aesthetic.


You can paint your walls to add a pop of color to your bathroom.

Since the room is filled with so many neutral colors and many of the walls are covered with tile and cabinets, consider painting the walls a bold or vibrant color.

To make the walls more easily cleanable, use a paint with a semigloss or gloss finish.


Wood Tones
If bold colors are a bit intimidating, consider bringing in warm wood tones to make your bathroom feel less sterile.

You can bring in a wood framed mirror, a wood tray for your countertop, or any other wood item that can handle the moisture and humidity of a bathroom.

Another way to add color to a bathroom that is understated is by adding shiny metallic objects.  You can add a metallic soap dispenser, a metallic tray, a metal framed mirror, or other metallic items. 

A designer tip is to not have more than 2 types of metals in each room to create consistency and make the decor cohesive.

If you want to bring in multiple pops of color, consider finding a large item that has multiple colors in it - such as a colorful rug or piece of art.

Do not add too many accessories that will take up too much countertop space.

Use a tiny bit of black or another very dark color in your light colored bathroom to create contrast and make your bathroom more interesting.


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