Since you will most likely have many people visit your front porch for Halloween, you should spend a little extra time and effort decorating your front porch to be inviting for trick or treaters and their chaperones.

Here are a few ideas for decorating your front porch for Halloween.

 Fun and Clever Ideas for How to Decorate Your Front Porch for Halloweenphoto courtesy of Jackie

Pumpkins and Jack-O'-Lanterns
When people think of Halloween, they almost always think of pumpkins and jack-o'-lanterns.

You can carve your pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns and fill them with a candle to add light to your front porch.

Not carving your pumpkin is also a great option because it is a great fall decoration for your front porch, even after Halloween is over.

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Fall Colors
Decorate your front porch with other objects in fall colors.

Fall colors include orange, yellow, brown, dark red, and deep purple.

You can decorate with flowers (mums are a favorite fall flower), pillows, a wreath, a door mat, garland made of leaves, an abundance of lanterns or candles to create a warm glow, or any other decorative item.


Halloween Items
Some favorite Halloween decorations for a front porch include fake spider webs with fake spiders, funny tombstones, ghosts hanging from the ceiling, caution tape, sports balls that look like eyeballs in the plants, bat silhouettes on the walls or rubber bats hanging from the ceiling, orange string lights, broomsticks, skeletons, witches hats hanging from the ceiling, or most anything you can think of.

You can even add creepy music and a smoke machine for Halloween night.


Consider how your Halloween decorations will look at night.

You might need to add extra lighting to ensure all of your decorations can be seen, or you might need to dim some lights to give a creepier effect.

You can add more jack-o'-lanterns to add some light or you can add glow sticks to some of your decorations to make sure they are not invisible in the dark.


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