Nobody wants an ugly or weird looking house, but sometimes it happens. 

Often it happens on accident, but other times it is caused by lack of taste or not giving enough thought to the home's overall aesthetics.

Here are 8 reasons why your home might look ugly or weird.


8 Reasons Why Your Home Looks Ugly and Weirdphoto courtesy of Brent Eckley


#1 Disrepair
It seems that once a home is 10-15 years old, things start to break. 

Make sure to keep up with your home's maintenance and don't let it fall into disrepair.

If you are buying a home, make sure you set aside money each month in case something needs to be repaired so you don't end up with the ugliest house on the block.


#2 Dirty
Just like your clothes, your house needs to be cleaned regularly.

Most people do a pretty good job cleaning the inside of their homes, but often the outside is not cleaned regularly.

Make sure to clean your siding, clean your windows, and sweep your walkways.


#3 Cluttered
A common problem in houses is an excess of clutter.

Clutter can make even the prettiest homes look ugly.

Make sure to have a designated spot for everyday items, such as mail, cell phones, your wallet & purse, backpacks, and other items that are often found scattered around your home.


#4 Crazy Colors
Homes with bold colors can be interesting, but there is a difference between bold colors and crazy colors.

Your guests should think "wow - that is cool", not "ow, that hurts my eyes".

They should not have to wear sunglasses indoors.

Avoid large expanses of crazy fluorescent colors so your home doesn't look weird or ugly.


#5 Poor Workmanship
Since all homes will need repairs at some time, ensure that the repairs are constructed well.

Many ugly houses are repaired or added onto using very poor workmanship.

If you do not know how to fix or build something properly, hire a professional so your home does not turn out ugly.

#6 Lesser Quality Materials
There are minimum standards that must be followed when building a home.  Notice the word "minimum".

Homes in lower priced neighborhoods can use lesser expensive materials.

If your home is in a more expensive neighborhood, you should use nicer quality materials in it.

When all of your neighbors have hardwood floors in their home, you will have the ugliest home in the neighborhood if you install peel and stick tile instead.

Another common culprit is adding a tall metal garage or workshop in a neighborhood of nice brick garages.


#7 Materials Pretending to Be Something They Are Not
Don't be a faker!  Do not use materials pretending to be something else because it looks ugly and fake.

This includes laminate countertops that try to look like granite, faux painted walls that pretend to look like bricks, and ceramic tile that tries to look like marble.


#8 Mixture of Architectural Styles
Some people purchase a home in a style that they do not like, then add onto or renovate the house in a different style.

This includes adding a fancy traditional scrolled metal fence around a modern style home and renovating a bathroom in a traditional home to look like it came out of a 1980's nightclub.

It just looks weird, so don't do it. 

Embrace your home's architectural style or renovate the entire home in a new style.

Having interior decor that is in contrast to the architecture can be quite interesting, however the architecture should be continuous throughout the entire home. 

This includes using modern furniture in an old traditional home and using traditional furniture in an industrial loft.





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