Whether the season is fall or the holiday is Halloween, a great decoration is a pumpkin candle holder.

You can use one standard sized pumpkin or several smaller pumpkins in a group.

Here are the steps to follow in order to make a pumpkin candle holder.

Tips and Tricks for How to Make a Pumpkin Candle Holderphoto courtesy of Connie Ma flickr.com/photos/ironypoisoning/16077323026/Candle First
Your candle size must be determined before selecting your pumpkin to make sure you get the correct size. 

The candle height should be approximately 1/4 to 3/4 the height of the pumpkin. 

If the candle is less than 1/4 the height of the pumpkin, the candle will look too small and feel out of scale. 

If the candle size is more than 3/4 the height of the pumpkin, it will stick out the bottom of your pumpkin.

You can use tealight or votive candles for smaller pumpkins or jar candles for larger pumpkins.

Make sure your candle has a glass or metal surround for safety.

Make sure to never leave a candle burning unattended.


The Best Pumpkin
You should select a pumpkin that is very flat on the bottom and sits with the stem perfectly straight in the air.

A lopsided pumpkin will make the candle sit at an angle and drip wax.

Take your time and test every pumpkin on a flat surface to make sure you get the best one.


Trace and Cut
Place the candle on top of the pumpkin and trace around the outside of the candle.

Using pumpkin carving tools or a knife, cut out the pumpkin inside your trace line to the depth of your candle holder.

Try to make your hole flat and level.

Do not rush this step.


Before putting your candle inside, consider if you wish to embellish your pumpkin.

You can spray paint your pumpkin candle holder, add rhinestones, cover it in glitter, paint it to look like a jack-o'-lantern, or whatever else you can imagine.

The sky is the limit.


Try to avoid carving your pumpkin candle holder until the last minute so the pumpkin looks very fresh.


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